CFI Applauds NAS Food Safety Report

June 8, 2010


CFI’s Director of Food Safety, Barbara Kowalcyk, is a member of the Committee on Review of Food and Drug Administration’s Role in Ensuring Safe Food, and one of the authors of the new report. Ms. Kowalcyk brought her extensive experience as a biostatistician and her personal experience to the discussions. Ms. Kowalcyk, who is currently pursuing her doctorate in Environmental Health at the University of Cincinnati, spent over 10 years working as a biostatistician in clinical research before becoming involved in food safety. However, after the 2001 death of her 2 1⁄2 year old son, Kevin, who suffered a serious E. coli O157:H7 infection, Ms. Kowalcyk co-founded CFI in order to pursue research and educational initiatives on foodborne illness and food safety. Today, Ms. Kowalcyk is considered a national spokesperson and advocate on food safety issues. Her advocacy work was recently highlighted in the documentary Food Inc.


“It was a privilege to work on this new report with the Institute of Medicine staff and distinguished committee members from the field of food safety. Our analysis led us to conclude that there are significant gaps in the way food safety is managed, and Congress should examine the statutory authorities that FDA needs to fulfill its food safety mission. The report recommends that FDA implement an integrated, science-based, data-driven approach to improve the safety of our food. Strategic planning, increased analytic capacity and improved data sharing are central to the implementation of such an approach. This report provides the framework necessary for effectively and efficiently meeting the food safety challenges of the 21st Century. It is my sincerest hope that these recommendations are adopted so that America can move towards a proactive, prevention-driven food safety system,” said Kowalcyk.


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