CFI is governed by a volunteer board of directors operating under its articles of incorporation and bylaws.  Like all non-profits, CFI cannot perform its mission effectively without sufficient funding. CFI recognizes that donations generally indicate a commitment on the part of the donor to support food safety and CFI’s mission, so we welcome the opportunity to discuss our shared vision with potential donors. CFI is committed to achieving a diversified base of support and will seek opportunities in both private and governmental sectors.


CFI accepts gifts from the general public and individual philanthropists and accepts awards, honoraria and corporate gifts for the general support of CFI’s efforts or for a specific project. Funding is also accepted through governmental grants and independent foundations for specific projects. Donations that are consistent with CFI’s mission, purposes and priorities are welcomed from food production/food retail corporations and foundations, as well as from individuals associated with these entities. Funding from all entities involved in food production and retail will be reviewed prior to acceptance to ensure that such donations are consistent with CFI’s mission, purposes, and priorities.


CFI believes that carrying out its mission requires integrity, independence and objectivity. To maintain CFI’s credibility, the organization must exercise a level of control over key organizational elements, including the source(s) and amounts of funding it receives or solicits.  Acceptance of donations and gifts must enhance, and shall not impede, CFI’s ability to act in the best interest of the public at all times.  CFI will maintain an independent position on food safety issues and concerns, including those affecting the production, distribution, and sale of food products.


CFI will not accept any funding from any source that does not support CFI’s mission of enhancing the safety of the food supply. CFI will not accept gifts that are too restrictive in purpose, too difficult to administer or gifts that are for purposes outside the mission of CFI. In no instance will CFI’s acceptance of a donation or a funding opportunity indicate an endorsement of any donor’s policies, actions or products.


Gift Acknowledgement and Donor Recognition

CFI is appreciative of all of its donors and expects to post public recognition of their support. CFI will acknowledge, in writing, the amount of all donations, in keeping with Internal Revenue Services’ rules concerning 501 (c)(3) nonprofit deductibility. In-kind donations are not tax-deductible, but they will be acknowledged and reported as required.


Documents available on request:

Articles of Incorporation


Funding and Gift Giving Policy

2009-2014 Form 990 tax returns