CFI founders Barbara Kowalcyk and Pat Buck were featured in the 2010 Academy Award nominated documentary Food, Inc. In the film, they tell the story of Barbara’s son Kevin, who at the age of two-and-a-half, died from complications due to an E.coli infection, most likely caused by eating tainted meat. The film chronicles the family’s frustration at the gaps in the food safety oversight system in the United States and their tireless work to strengthen this system so that other families would be spared this tragedy. Read Kevin’s story here.


Food, Inc. raised awareness about the complex nature of our global food supply and the challenges that must be overcome to create a safe, secure and sustainable food supply for America’s families. Clearly, there is not a simple solution to the food issues we face in the 21st century. CFI believes that Food, Inc. began a critical conversation about these issues and that this conversation must continue among all stakeholders. No single sector can solve these problems on their own. Read more about Food, Inc. here.