CFI Public Presentations and Media Outreach


CFI’s leadership has expert knowledge on important food safety issues. CFI has presented at important food safety conferences and has given presentations to industry groups, academia and community organizations. CFI has prepared webinars for specific groups and has granted media interviews for print, T.V. and radio. Finally, CFI has been invited to post blogs on national venues.


To arrange a presentation or learn more about CFI’s previous outreach, contact Patricia Buck, Executive Director (724-458-0767)


Topics addressed by CFI in its presentations and/or media outreach:


  • America’s current food safety systems, both federal and state
  • Antibiotic resistant bacteria and its threat to public health in the 21st century
  • Awareness about foodborne illness and food safety issues
  • Behaviors needed to improve safe food handling
  • Corporate responsibility and the corporate food safety culture
  • Data infrastructure, usage and data sharing
  • Emotional Impacts of foodborne illness
  • Economics of food safety
  • Foodborne pathogens, acute and long-term impacts
  • Foodborne disease research on known and emerging pathogens
  • Improving food safety regulations and the regulatory process
  • Inspection issues related to food, domestic and foreign
  • Labeling food packages to give consumers the information needed to safely prepare the food
  • New technologies in food safety, both as interventions and in surveillance
  • One Health and the role it plays in food safety
  • Outbreak investigations and what we learn from them
  • Public Health challenges of the 21st century
  • Raw milk – an unnecessary health risk for the vulnerable populations
  • Risk management and how it is used in a risk-based food safety system
  • Vulnerable populations:  How to protect children, seniors, pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems from serious foodborne disease