You can help in the fight against foodborne disease! Stay informed, educate your community, talk to your legislators and donate to CFI.




Help CFI in the fight against foodborne disease! CFI welcomes individual donations and unrestricted corporate donations to help develop its programs in research, education, advocacy and service. All donations are tax-deductible.


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You can help in the fight against foodborne disease! Protect yourself and your loved ones by staying informed about important food safety issues, using safe food practices and helping CFI.


To stay informed,


• Get daily updates on food safety topics in the news by subscribing to the Food Safety Network’s Listserv.

• Be informed about meat and poultry recalls by subscribing to USDA’s current recall email updates

• Be informed about other food products recalls by subscribing to FDA’s recall email updates:

• Check out CFI’s List of Resources for additional information.

• Learn about and use CFI’s six safe food practices:


• Use safe water and raw materials.

• Clean.

• Separate.

• Cook.

• Chill.

• Report Foodborne Illness.

• Contact CFI at to find out about volunteer opportunities.




Education is the key to change. Help increase awareness about foodborne illness and educate your community on safe food practices by distributing educational materials. Check out CFI’s free downloadable Fact Sheets. Contact CFI about educating your school district or participating in a local heath or community fair.


For more free education materials, visit:


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Food Safety Office


Environmental Protection Agency’s Agricultural Department


Food and Drug Administration’s U.S. National Food Safety Programs and Activities:


Kansas State University


Partnership for Food Safety Education


United State Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Education Programs:


If you know about additional free educational materials that CFI should include, please contact CFI’s Executive Director at





Advocate for food safety and preventing foodborne illness by contacting policy makers and regulators about the importance of developing sustainable, science-based food protections!


Policy makers: National governmental representatives

On left menu, click on House of Representatives or Senate


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Executive Leadership Board


Regulators: United States Department of Agriculture,

Food Safety Inspection Services Key Agency Contacts


Food and Drug Administration

Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition’s organizational chart


Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Compliance


For additional information or sample letters, please contact CFI’s Executive Director at